Green Acorn Property aspire to be the most trusted and respected property company in the region.

We offer 3 levels of service:

  • Tenant search and refer - this is where we advertise your property and provide you with prospective tenants for you to meet. You will have total control on the letting and who you decide to let your property to.
  • Tenant search, refer and reference - All the above and an in-depth credit check on the perspective tenant, check job references and proof of residency/identity.
  • Tenant search, refer, reference and manage - All the above and we actively manage the property collecting rent and forwarding this on to you. All repairs will be managed by us but costs incurred will be bourne by the tenant if the cause is deemed neglicence, otherwise the cost will be settled from the next monthly tenancy payment to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We also provide letting contracts

Here you are able to purchase letting contracts for your residential property if you decide to manage the property letting yourself. These are priced competitively at £49.99 and are updated regularly to ensure they meet all up to date legal and regulatory requirements for landlords.

Click here to preview. All our landlord agreements are copyrighted and restricted to 1 copy per tenancy agreement.

Please select which tenancy agreement type

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